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    Paris Here I Come 🌟

    Okay okay I need to calm down ! I came here to brag ! I just booked a trip to Paris for myself!!!!!! I’m sooo excited and i literally feel like crying ! I know it might seems like not such a big of a deal for many , but for me it is dream come true ! I will go by myself! Which excites me even more πŸ’₯ i already booked flights ✈ and one things which is must see for me Louvre ! Everything’s paid and sorted ! The only thing left is to book hotel or Airbnb , I have found few which I like and they…

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    Wonderful Week 🌟

    Such a wonderful week it has been . I have recovered a video but for some reason from nearly 10 min , 2,34 min is being uploaded only to YouTube. I have no idea why is that . However I’ll be recording much more today and also I started to be active on stories on IG as I feel it will definitely help me to open up more . Everyone has something to say , and our voice matter , I just started to realise that . Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, you never know who you might help . So much love for this beautiful Thursday Honorata

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    πŸ“· 17th January 2022

    This is the last day of my rest . Tomorrow I am starting to film πŸŽ₯ Have a great idea on how to do it and hopefully I’ll follow with it . It will be filmed outside in some interesting places and topics will vary πŸ€πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ Wondering how you all doing 🀍 So much love ❀ H .

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    Boost of energy? πŸ’«

    Last two days I felt so bad , I could barely focus on anything. Even on writing a few words . It felt like impossible task . ( booster result) Thankfully Im back feeling great , it’s so good to feel good ! How much we underestimate what we have and don’t appreciate it , unless is taken away ! I just hope to get through the weekend, I work over the weekend ,hence getting through it lol And from Monday I wanna start writing again , I have book to finish and it’s time to start putting all my effort and focus on it . Life is precious. Appreciate…

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    Stop Chasing

    I don’t chase . I attract ❀ Today I have really felt soo feminine . Totally at peace with myself, with my body . Loving the ones who loves me and appreciating the changes I see around me . I have a friend of mine from few years ago ,who came back recently and we are back in contact, like everyday. I have thought that people don’t really change much, but the way he has changed , it’s unbelievable, it’s beautiful change and he is an amazing person , he has always been great but now what we have is a real connection. Life might not always be easy on…

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    Attracting Perfect Relationship Affirmations

    I give my heart, ready to receive the heart of another. I am loved more than I ever thought possible. I am making room for an amazing partner in my life! My partner shows me deep, passionate love. I deserve love and affection I am attracting the perfect person for me. I deserve to be happy in my relationship. I am surrounded by love I am swept up in romance! I deserve mind-blowing passion in my relationship.

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    It’s gonna be okay

    Even though it has not been the easiest week , I must say I was strong enough to get through so many difficulties and Im proud to say that I have never thought ill ever be this strong. I was so used to being scared cat. Scared of everything, even my own shadow. πŸ˜‚ Thankfully it has changed for better and I’m not afraid to speak what’s bothers me and what I see as not right in my life . I just want to improve myself and be more and more courageous day by day , not to hold back and do what makes me happy ! Truly happy! Life…

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    Once and for all , I’ll never let anyone walk all over me . ✌

    Today I was hoping to get a good rest before my last night shift ,unfortunately more drama came out from work. Not necessarily something I like , I’d say i even hate the fact that people thrive of drama and of other people feeling bad. I have decided that I’ll be honest and so I went on with future steps to make sure , some people get what they deserve. I’m last to complain on anyone , last to make any statements which could hurt someone , but I really am over , hearing from everyone around, how someone is talking behind my back and I just do nothing. I…

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    Affirmations to BOOST Your Confidence

    I trust myself, I believe in me and I have confidence in myself. I am brave , I am bold , I am strong ! I deserve the best and I accept the best I will not compare myself to strangers on the Internet I can achieve anything I set my mind to I am in control I have endless possibilities I am making my dreams a reality I am in control of my thoughts, feelings and choices I am courageous and I stand up for myself Today is going to be a great day Love & Light πŸ’• H .